Body Treatment

The chocolate made from cocoa beans has a material effect on the beauty of your skin. The cocoa powder wrap made from the beans of cocoa trees has a reshaping effect on your body contours and reduces the appearance of 'orange skin'. Research has proved the stimulating effect of cocoa on endorphins, i.e. on the formation of happiness hormones that elevate your mood and have a stimulating effect on fat burning process at the same time. Chocolate wrap contains caffeine and polyphenols found in cocoa beans which correct the shape of your body, moisturise and tone your skin and more importantly - help you get rid of cellulite.

The Deluxe Chocolate procedure rewards your body with all physiological and emotional curative properties of chocolate without even one excessive calorie
  • Exfoliation Treatment: Chocolate, Tangerine, Mango Yougurt  & Honey
  • Wraps: Chocolate, Algae, Lavander Mint